Chicago Snow: Interesting Snow Removal Stories & Funny Videos

Let’s be honest, Chicago snow and ice creates a lot of challenges. Interesting snow removal stories & funny videos can help get us through a cold hard winter. And it’s especially easy to laugh about when it’s summer in Chicago and we’re looking at 80 degree temps!

Living in the Snow Belt requires a lot of fortitude, patience, planning and most importantly, a good sense of humor. Many of the situations don’t seem funny at the time but once you relay the situation to a friend of two you’ll usually find some laughter. Here’s a couple from this past winter:

Best Winter Funny Video Compilation of All Time

Story #1: Clear the Roof

Tom and Linda were worried about the weight of the snow on their roof. They bundled up, retrieved a ladder and shovels and then entered the yard through the rear door of the home. A little more than an hour later, they ascended the ladder and found out they’d made a huge mistake. The snow they had thrown off the roof had created a large mound which completely covered the rear door to the home. They had created a barrier. Even worse, the garage and front door were locked. With no cell phones, they were forced to simply wait in the bitter cold for a few hours until their neighbors came home.

Story #2: Good Neighbors pay it forward.

Living in a small town has its advantages. Bruce was snow-blowing his walk one Saturday morning when he decided to go ahead and do his neighbors walk as well. His neighbor, Dave came out to shovel just as Bruce was finishing. He waved and said thanks, then he shrugged and went to the next neighbors walk and shoveled it for him. The teen son living there ran out to object and Dave laughed. "You do your neighbor’s walk and we’ll call it even." This chain of goodwill went on for several more houses until they reached an elderly woman who nearly cried with her appreciation. In the end, everyone had a good feeling and their walks were all shoveled.

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