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Multiple Ice Melt Options Allow for Optimal Professional Snow and Ice Management

icy chicago

Even though the general public will often refer to ʺputting some salt downʺ for getting rid of ice, professionals actually make use of several chemical options for snow and ice management. This allows management to be tailored to meet specific concerns like safety to pets, avoiding plant damage, and unwanted spread of compounds. It also allows Chicago snow and ice removal companies to choose products that work best in whatever temperatures are prevailing or predicted in Illinois. Here are some of the melting agents we may use when we come out to service your business:

Calcium Chloride

This ice and snow melter comes in the form of pellets that can be used with spreading equipment. Some formulations work in temperatures as low as -25F, so it’s a good choice when the snow is accompanied by extreme cold like Mother Nature seems to dish out here in Chicago.

Magnesium Chloride Pellets

Surfaces that are too delicate for calcium chloride can be treated with this compound, which causes up to 26 times less concrete spalling than some other de-icers and is easier on the environment. Its main limitation is that it only works down to -17 degrees, but that isn’t a problem except during the coldest weather.

Magnesium Pastilles and Flakes

When it’s important for a de-icer to stay exactly where it was applied, we turn to pastilles and flakes. Pastilles are basically half-round shapes, and this allows them to work with pellet spreaders. Flakes also stay put, but their higher surface areas let them work faster.

Calcium Magnesium Acetate

When corrosion must be avoided at all costs, we turn to CMA. It’s less corrosive than tap water and is likely the safest ice and snow melter in this regard. The only catch with CMA is that it only works when it’s over 20 degrees, so not always an option for ice management for Illinois businesses.

To learn more about the options for managing ice and snow outside of your building, just contact us. At Brancato Snow and Ice Management, we’ll be happy to explain everything and discuss any of your questions to help with your upcoming Chicagoland snow and ice management needs!