Elise Amendola, AP

Snow and Ice Still Hanging Around in July? Not in Chicago, Thankfully!

Elise Amendola, AP

We are all used to seeing the mounds of snow and ice hanging around during the winter months, but in July? Not in Chicago, thankfully! According to USA Today, there is a huge mound of snow in the Seaport district of Boston that just won’t melt.

This report includes pictures of this snow mound covered with debris, at first glance, it looks like part of a garbage dump. Residents are taking full advantage of this huge mound of packed ice by using it as a background for pictures. While most others in Boston are fighting the summer heat, those in the Seaport district can’t seem to escape winter.

Under the debris this mound consists of 12 feet of packed ice. It’s been melting for a while though, at one time it was 75 feet high! It seems that there’s no hope of this monstrous mound melting any time soon. Temperatures have been 80 degrees, or above, but that doesn’t seem to affect this mound of ice in the least.

None of the residents of the Seaport district are quite sure when the mound of ice will melt completely, but citizens are making the best of it. Even the mayor has started a challenge, asking residents to vote on when they think the ice will completely melt away. With the rate it’s going it may still be there for the next winter. For the time being citizens are making the best of the situation, and keeping some humor regarding their huge mound of packed ice.

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