Chicago's worst snowplower

Snow Removal Chicago IL: Best Snow Plow Fail Videos – MUST SEE!

Chicago's worst snowplower

The wonderful thing about commercial snow plows is that they can effectively clear great quantities of snow from roads, parking lots, and other vast spaces without exerting a great amount of manpower. Snow removal in Chicago IL is something we take seriously at Brancato, but it’s it’s fun to check out some of the best snow plow fail videos from time to time to remind us just how lucky we are to have our experienced team. Like most great machines, snow plows are tricky to operate and require both training and skill to handle effectively. Now that we have the internet, each winter brings us a fresh batch of commercial Snow Plow Fails to both bemuse and horrify us.

Take, for example, the sight of this line of snow plows barreling down a rural highway and almost taking out a reporter. Of course, we could argue that the reporter’s partially at fault for standing so close to the side of the road, but the video clip still sends shivers up the viewer’s spine.

Watching a plow get backed into a tight corner and accidentally crunching into a car as a result is more than cringe-worthy. Three-point turns are hard enough without a wide girth and a giant bucket attachment.

This clip of a snow plow breaking through a parking deck has us shaking our heads and wondering what lengths were required to extricate the plow from this destructive predicament.

And finally, our personal favorite because it’s called "The Worst Snow Plower in Chicago," making it a bit entertaining (since it’s no one we know…). It just makes me want to jump into one of our bigger trucks and head down there!

If even this relatively short list of snow plow fails has you concerned, we understand. It concerns us too. We believe that every professional commercial snow plowing company should take its responsibilities seriously. They should hire responsibly, train effectively, keep equipment maintained well, and oversee diligently.

Here at Brancato, we only employ responsible, experienced technicians who are well-trained to operate their own equipment. That is why we can assure you the best commercial snow removal service in Chicago – without fail.

For more information on our specific services, training methods, or equipment, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to answering your questions and extending our expertise to you and your Illinois business.