Zero tolerance ice control

What is Zero Tolerance Ice Control Service, Anyway?

Zero tolerance ice controlThere are different degrees of snow and ice removal, particularly depending on the needs of your business. What you ultimately decide to do with your parking lot and sidewalks is up to you, but in order to make that decision, you need to know what you’re getting. Zero tolerance ice control service is one way to ensure that your business lot and sidewalks are staying clear during Chicago snow and ice storms — but what is zero tolerance ice control service, anyway?

Zero tolerance snow and ice control means that any time there is a precipitation event that causes snow and ice coverage in your parking lot or on your sidewalks, your snow and ice removal company will come out and take care of it. That doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily running a plow over half an inch of snow or a thin sheet of ice gathered in the parking lot. Instead, it means that they’re salting and sanding the lot, using these valuable tools to burn off the layer of ice to make your parking lot and sidewalks safe for your customers.

With a zero tolerance policy, it doesn’t matter how minor the ice may be. It’s still making slick spots in your parking lot, and those slick spots cause hazards for drivers and pedestrians alike. Zero tolerance means that you know that your lot will be dealt with efficiently and effectively, providing the services that you need when you need them most. There’s no need to keep looking outside, wondering whether or not your snow and ice removal contractor is going to show up or whether or not you’ll get that extra little bit of snow that will bring them running; instead, you’ll know that you’re getting the services you need whenever you need them.

Keep in mind that doesn’t mean that snow will never accumulate on the ground, or that your lot will remain clear throughout the duration of the storm. Unless you have a vast canopy that stretches over your parking lot, catching every flake of snow before it’s able to hit the ground, it’s impossible to keep the entire lot clear while the snow or ice is falling.  On the other hand, a zero tolerance policy means that you know your lot is going to be cleared and that your customers will be protected even if the storm was light.

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