FAQ on Snow Removal in Chicago

Brancato Snow and Ice Management is a 21 year old full time snow services firm that only concentrates on Snow and Ice Management during the winter season.
We offer several options to our clients to help them meet their budgets in this ever changing economy. We offer a per event (per push) price that is an individual charge for each visit to the site. We offer a seasonal contract that provides a fixed retained budget for the entire snow season. We also offer different methods of deicing pricing upon request.
We use our fleet of pickup and dump trucks, semis, tractors, and end loaders to provide snow plowing, removal and relocation services. We use many different methods to apply deicing materials from VBox Truck Mounted Spreaders to walk behind sidewalk spreaders depending upon the service site needs. Sidewalk services can either be done by hand or with the use of machines. The type of machine is dependent upon the type of site and client needs.
We have 47 pieces of equipment and 53 employees.
Our service response times and triggers depend upon each clients contractual needs. Be assured that we will exceed your expectations and at a minimum provide the services obligated in our contract.
Each client has different requirements based upon their contract and their business needs. Be assured that we have the personnel and equipment to handle any of our clients’ needs.
We require a 30 written notice be provided for the cancellation of any contract.