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4 Red Flags That Should Deter You From Hiring The Wrong Chicago Snow Contractor

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When choosing a commercial snow contractor in Chicago, you can’t be too careful. Too much is at stake. That’s why you need to make sure they don’t set off one of these serious red flags. If they qualify for any of these problems, be on high alert: they may not be the choice for you.

1. No Mailing Address

Any reputable snow contracting business should have an actual address which you can visit. There you can see their fleet of equipment, meet their team, and see how organized their operation runs. If your potential snow contractor has only a P.O. box, you should seriously reconsider hiring them. At the very least, ask them why they don’t have a mailing address. If they have no excuse, avoid them.

2. Criminal History

This seems so obvious, but not something we typically thing about right off the bat. Take a minute to search the name of your snow contractor online on various criminal data bases or even Google in general. Does the name of the owner or business show up? If not, check the name of the various drivers or other team members. If any of them have serious convictions, it might be best to avoid them.

3. Poorly Maintained Trucks

Stop by the shop of your snow contractor and take a good look at their trucks. Is their fleet solid and well maintained or are they ancient and filled with rust? Poorly maintained trucks are a sure-fire sign that your snow contractor doesn’t care about how they do business. Also, for a snow plow company to be reliable, they must keep their trucks running in tip top shape. Breakdowns cause delays that make your company suffer.

If possible, ask them to run the truck for you as a demonstration of how well they work (and it can be kind of interesting). Most will be happy to oblige, knowing they will earn your trust and business.

4. Small Fleet or No Trucks

Reputable snow removal contractors own their own trucks and professional equipment like skid loaders and ice melters so they can be sure they operate well when needed for emergencies. However, many companies can’t afford to have their own trucks so they subcontract services or lease. This is a risky move because you don’t know how many trucks they will have when the storm hits, the drivers might not be familiar with the equipment and it may break down from improper maintenance.

If you need help choosing your snow removal contractor or you have questions about what really matters, please don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.