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4 Summer Landscaping Changes to Help With Illinois Winter Snow and Ice

asphalt repair

Summertime in Illinois is a great season for landscape improvement projects, especially in preparation for the next Chicago winter snow removal. And though it seems like a long way off, starting these projects early can save you time, money, and maintenance when winter snow and ice come around. Here are four changes to your landscaping that can be made this summer to help with winter snow and ice, perfect for businesses or even municipalities.

Widen entrances or remove obstacles for a snow plow. The most efficient way to get rid of snow is to use a snow plow, but if your landscape will not allow for easy maneuverability, you’re in for some trouble. Assess and evaluate plowed areas, such as a parking lot, and take note of how wide the entrance is: if it’s too narrow for a plow to get in and out easily, redeveloping the entrance can help ensure better plowing. Other obstacles to be mindful of include light poles, fences or gates, or even park benches and tables.

Install heated pathways. Heated pathways around buildings, especially from a parking lot to entrances, reduces the need for shoveling or salt and decreases slips and falls. In addition, many of these pathways are easy to maintain, and involve low running costs in the winter. According to data from Home Advisor, the average costs of a heated driveway (dependent greatly on square footage) can be comparative to concrete or asphalt driveway repairs. Making the switch can save you money over time, especially with maintenance costs. These pathways are best to install in the summer before the snow season, where you won’t have to worry about weather delays.

Level and repair sidewalks, roads, and paths. Cracked pavement or potholes make it harder to plow, and can add further structural damage. Leveling older paths and filling holes will make winter shoveling or plowing much easier, and can reduce landscape expenses in the long run. It also helps reduce the risk of tripping and slipping on spots that can’t be maintained well in the winter.

Source stone for projects from local region. The type of stone from your area will hold up better in the wintertime, than stone from outside the region. When possible, find local quarries, or source stone from similar regions if you have to look outside your area.

By following these landscaping tips, your landscape will be better prepared for snow and ice management. For more landscaping tips to prepare you for the snow this winter, contact Brancato Snow & Ice Management in Chicago.