Top 5 Reasons for Commercial Sidewalk Shoveling in Chicagoland!

Chicago sidewalk shoveling by Brancato Snow and Ice Management

5. You have better things to do with your time than snow shovel a sidewalk. Think about it, you are not just shoveling, you have to get all dressed up, get your shovel out, clean your sidewalk, put your shovel back, get your outside gear off, and warm back up before you can do anything productive.

4. The people who want to walk on your sidewalk don’t feel like waiting until you are good and ready to shovel. They will walk on your property no matter how dangerous it is and then blame you if they fall. And then there are those footprints that don’t want to come up with a shovel after all those people trampled on your walks. How annoying, right?

3. You don’t need to get hurt. Do you want to save a buck by doing it yourself…just to hand it over to the doctor to get your back fixed? How did that work for you?

2. Your employees don’t really want to do it either. Turn their frown upside down and say, “it is not your turn to shovel snow this winter!”

1. You would rather spend quality time at home with your family instead of quality time with a snow shovel…no matter how attractive that shovel looks.

How about you do what you do best and we can do the rest? Call us for a free quote for sidewalk shoveling, parking lot snow plowing, and all-around winter property protection today!