slip fall on icy stairs

Chicago Snow Removal: Slip and Fall Lawsuit Liability

The Illinois Snow and Ice Removal Act provides limited protection from slip and fall liability for owners and managers of residential properties, but not commercial premises. This lack of protection creates an obligation on commercial property owners to spot and correct slip and fall hazards like snow and ice accumulations as quickly as possible. Failure to correct the problem can create serious liability exposure for your business.

Personal injury lawyers are trained to investigate each individual slip and fall instance to determine if grounds for a lawsuit exist. They are also trained to garner the most possible money from your company should you be found liable for a slip and fall injury on your premises.

Chicago Man Wins Slip and Fall Lawsuit

Penalties and settlements for slip and fall cases can be extremely expensive. For example, a 70 year old employee of a strip mall in Illinois slipped while taking out the garbage after his shift on an unnatural accumulation of ice caused by meltwater flowing from a roof downspout of the mall and freezing. The resulting injury cost the company $307,000 and the man a head injury resulting in a stroke.

Granted, such a settlement against your business is not a given. Slip and fall cases are hard to prove in the state of Illinois, but even defending against such a case costs time, money, and hassle. Why not take a proactive approach instead?

Hiring a professional snow and ice removal company instead of trying to clear your commercial premises yourself offers several benefits; you show a good faith effort to correct the problem, the service is more quick and efficient than doing it yourself, and emergency snow clearing takes care of the problem before your business opens for the day.

Given the potential for injury to your employees and customers, as well as the possibility for a massive settlement against your company, professional snow removal is a necessity. Please contact us and let us assess your needs and suggest a professional snow removal solution for your business.