storm juno chicago

3 Ways To Prepare Your Business for Chicago Winter Storms and Blizzards

storm juno chicago

Storm Juno, Chicago

Winter Storm Juno in February 2015 dumped an astounding 19 inches on the Chicagoland area almost overnight. Snow fell at a rate of 1-2 inches per hour, making clean-up difficult. Flights were cancelled, businesses were closed, and residential streets became all but invisible in the falling snow. If you haven’t thought about how to get your business or store ready for next winter, here are a few tips on how to prepare for Chicago winter storms and blizzards.

Have an epically dependable snow contractor.

A large winter storm can quickly overwhelm smaller snow plowing companies. In 2015, even the City of Chicago fell behind in snow removal, and they have one of the largest snow fleets in the world. Don’t let this happen to your commercial business or store. In order to ensure that your parking lots and walkways are clear and safe, contract with a reputable snow and ice management company you can rely on who has proactive weather monitoring and plans.

Make sure you have smooth, level surface areas for clean snow removal.

Work hard over the summer to make sure your parking lot, sidewalks and walkways are level and smooth. Cracks, sinking, heaving and pot holes make for nasty and dangerous foundations during Chicago winters. Even the smallest defects should be fixed up so they don’t worsen as the ground freezes and thaws repeatedly next season. Smooth surfaces make snow and ice management fast and effective. Also, if you desire meticulous ice removal, your surfaces must be maintained.

Check and maintain proper water drainage.

Summer is also the time to be sure water from excessive rains is draining properly away from your property, sidewalks and parking lot. Standing water is a sign of dangerous ice potential next winter. Contact a professional drainage design service or have a backflow prevention inspection done by an irrigation specialist.

To learn more about how to prepare your business for Chicago winters, contact Brancato today. We offer commercial snow and ice management services as well as professional landscaping.