7 Reasons Commercial Snow Removal Pays Off for Chicago Companies

Brancato Trucks​Chicago winters may seem like they are ions away, but they sneak up on us without warning so it’s never too early to think about how you’re going to tackle snowstorms to keep your business thriving all winter long. Using a professional snow removal contractor for your commercial business in the Chicago area is the key. Chicago winters typically reach record snowfall heights of 75 inches and above. Winter 1978-1979 still holds the record at 89 inches; and subsequent winters often come close, with recent winters reaching 79 inches, (2013-2014), and 80 inches, (2014-2015). In addition, the dangerous black ice that comes with so much snow only adds to the situational drama and danger.

Unfortunately, many small business owners and managers opt to do their own snow removal or have one of their maintenance workers do it. Though they think they’re saving money, they’re actually wasting money by working, (or asking their worker to work), inefficiently; and taking incredible risks when it comes to insurance and liability.

Are You Making the Right Choice for Your Snow Plowing?

Reasons to Invest in Commercial Snow Removal:

  1. Business owners and managers are liable for both employee and customer falls or car accidents that take place because of snow or ice in the parking lot.
  2. Professional snow and ice removal allows you to enjoy a completely machine-plowed parking lot and business area with no missed spots or damage to your property aesthetics.
  3. You can consolidate your snow and ice removal into one convenient payment package.
  4. Professional snow removal companies have the proper equipment to complete your job professionally and efficiently. Your worker could waste anywhere from a half a workday to a full workday each time snow falls, (which — be honest — is every night in Chicago). A pro can get a small lot done in 30-60 minutes and be on to the next job while your staff is handling their normal duties.
  5. Though it’s annoying, there are many people who think if you’re renting commercial property for your business, that you’re wealthy; and don’t realize that you’re a person just like them with a different way of earning income. Small businesses should avoid being the target of lawsuits as much as possible.
  6. Don’t miss work! Professional snow plow companies typically work very early mornings; so they can plow and de-ice your parking lot and business area before it’s time for your business to open; so you can open on time and stay productive.

Reason #7: The Bottom Line

Some businesses actually can’t go without professional snow and ice removal services because the liability is through the roof. Therefore, even more so than most small businesses, diy snow and ice removal is just absolutely not worth the risk for businesses like:

  • Malls, shopping centers and plaza’s,
  • Gas stations,
  • Office buildings that rent out office space,
  • Conference centers, stadiums and hotels,
  • Medical buildings, nursing and aged homes,
  • Retail and grocery stores,
  • Commercial, industrial and warehouse buildings,
  • Government, museum and library types of properties, and
  • Other properties like these

Contact us today, before winter 2015-2016 hits, and has you scrambling to figure out where you read about us and learned which local company understands both Chicago’s unique weather patterns; and the service level that our corporate clients will need.