Does Your Snow and Ice Management Provider Have an Emergency Response Plan?

Snow plowChicago snow storms cause serious problems for many area businesses, particularly when emergency snow and ice removal services are needed. Not only do ice-filled parking lots make things difficult for people trying to drive, park, and hurry in to the store, but snow and ice on walkways and in sidewalks can cause slips and falls, which can lead to liability issues for commercial businesses. Often, you don’t get a warning when winter weather is going to change from moderate to extreme, and if you’re hiring someone to handle your Chicago snow and ice removal needs, there’s one question that needs to be at the top of your list: Does your snow and ice management provider have an emergency response plan?

An emergency response plan is the one that’s implemented when winter weather comes out of nowhere.  Anyone can remove the snow from a parking lot once the streets are clear and it’s easy for people to get in, but what about those moments when the snow is still coming down, there’s no end in sight, and you still have customers in your business?  An emergency response plan means that you know what will happen when the weather gets the better of you.  When will your snow and ice removal company show up?  How many times will they come by when the weather is still ugly and there’s ice still forming on the ground?  What can you expect in the way of emergency snow and ice clearing?  There are a number of questions that you’ll want your provider to answer.

In addition, you’ll want a provider whose plan is detailed and based around the circumstances of this particular storm.  A vague emergency plan doesn’t allow for extreme circumstances or weather outside the norm for your area, but a detailed emergency response plan will let you know that your parking lot and sidewalks will be taken care of appropriately no matter what the weather may be.  The emergency response plan should also include contingencies for power outages and other issues to ensure maximum protection for your business.

Looking for a snow and ice removal company that has their emergency plan already detailed?  Contact us to see how we can make clearing the snow and ice from your sidewalk and parking lot one less thing that you have to worry about this winter.