red snow plow truck

Is It Important That A Snow Removal Contractor Owns Their Own Trucks?

red snow plow truck

Whoever first said, "time is money" must have owned a business. When you are a business owner you know that every minute your business is closed during regular business hours costs you money. Of course, your goal is to stay open rain or shine, but in Chicago, it’s more like through treacherous ice or inches of snow. You have to have a plan for bad weather, and since time is money, you need a reliable snow removal contractor. You can’t just accept the cheapest bid you get, you need to ask some difficult questions about insurance and customer service. For instance, you might find yourself wondering, is it important that your snow and ice management company owns their own trucks?

The answer is yes! If a company doesn’t own their own snow plow equipment they won’t have a back up plan if a truck breaks down in the middle of a winter storm. If a company doesn’t own their own trucks, the company they are leasing trucks from could cancel their contract at any time when they find someone willing to pay more for the trucks, or when they come across a financial hardship. If a company doesn’t own their own equipment, they have no idea how well maintained it has been and if there are risks. Plus, if a company doesn’t own their own trucks they are way less likely to have the skidsteers and end loaders that are necessary to really serve businesses that have to keep their doors open no matter what the conditions are like outside.

The weather in Chicago can be pretty unpredictable, but one thing you can count on is that every winter, there will be rough weather conditions that make it difficult for you to keep your business open and your walkways and parking lots safe for your customers and employees. Don’t leave your snow removal needs to chance. Hire a well equipped snow contractor.

Please contact us to find out why a reliable, professional snow and ice management company with their own trucks will save you money in the long run. Remember it only takes one missed day of business or one lawsuit from a slip or fall to erase all the savings you might see from the lowest bidder.