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What to Ask a Professional Snow Removal Company in Chicago

brancato fleet

Brancato Fleet

We’re guessing, correctly, that if you live in the Midwest or especially Chicago, your business will — sooner or later — require the services of a professional snow removal contractor. Of course, we’d also love nothing better than for you to enlist Brancato Snow & Ice Management to serve your snow removal needs. But even if you don’t, we encourage you to ask these questions when hiring a commercial snow removal company…

  1. Are you licensed, insured and accredited by any professional associations? You should expect the proper credentials from a reliable snow removal company. Here at Brancato Snow Removal, we are proud to say that we are a part of the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA), and of course we are fully insured.
  2. What type of equipment do you have? You should expect the proper equipment to handle any snow or ice emergency. Brancato uses integrated meteorological services, state of the art equipment, and labor & equipment tracking software to provide you the best possible customer service. We only use the highest quality snow plows, pusher boxes, and deicing equipment for plowing, hauling, removing, and relocating snow and ice. Our seasoned and trained staff is ready to handle any kind of snow emergency. Equipped with radio dispatches, all terrain vehicles and commercial grade snow plows, our team members also carry maps of all sites that are clearly marked with areas for clearing and relocating snow.
  3. What are your fees? You should expect a competitive quote. We encourage you to obtain as many estimates as you can for your proposed job – and compare apples to apples on proposals. We are pleased to say that we will offer the best possible service for very competitve pricing in the Chicagoland area. With Brancato, you are hiring the best! Our services are thorough, reliable, and professional, and we will be happy to earn your business…and your trust.

At Brancato Snow & Ice Management, we take pride in being able to serve all of our customers during all of our admittedly frigid winters. Whether you are in the heart of the city, or in the outer limits of the Chicago suburbs, we are here for you. If you’re interested in finding out more about us and our services, contact Brancato today!