How to Prepare a Property for Chicago Snow Removal Services


The benefits of improving your property to help with Chicago snow removal services often speak for themselves. But actually knowing how to prepare a property for snow removal isn’t complicated or expensive. If you stay up on it every summer, fixes can be done in a snap. Just take a look around your property today for these potential areas of improvement.

Pavement Distress – Cracking or Heaving Asphalt

Most asphalt failures arise from water seeping down into the gravel base and weakening the foundation. Cracking is the most visible and obvious indicator of pavement distress. Small asphalt cracks (up to one inch in width) can typically be repaired with a hot sealant. Cracks larger than one inch wide should be patched with hot mix asphalt. Heaving is caused by the freezing and thawing of asphalt which starts forming ice lenses. Asphalt Advisor states that "Ice lenses form in the soil under the asphalt and push the surface up as they grow." Frost heave can take care of itself once the temperature rises, so now is the time to evaluate your asphalt. Seeing heaved asphalt during the summer months may indicate a need of a professional repair.

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Concrete Distress – Cracking or Sinking

One cause of cracking concrete is repeat exposure to severe conditions. suggests that one of the best solutions is resurfacingwith a concrete overlay. Sinking concrete occurs when the soil(s) underneath can not support the weight. Slab jacking (also known as mudjacking) can raise the concrete back to its original position by pumping additives beneath the slab.

Drainage Issues – Rooftops or Rain Gutters

Many commercial buildings have flat rooftops that are prone to freezing, thawing, and then freezing again. This refreezing can block drains or gutters, and it adds extra weight to a rooftop. Check for and repair any damages to the roof, such as wind damage. Rain gutters and drains should be clear and in good working condition.

Snow Removal Services – Plan Ahead

It’s never too early in the year to make plans for proper snow removal. Brancato Snow & Ice Management offers a variety of custom packages for every Chicago commercial property owner’s need and budget. Brancato can remove your snow and relocate the piles off property, or utilize the Ice Breakersnow melting machine to thaw snow and ice on the spot.

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