This is a Real Thing: Chicago Snow Melting & Snow Moving Services


Snow Melter

We’ve all seen them: the mountains of snow in Chicago, usually centered around light poles or parking lot outskirts, that grow every time more snow falls and that last until well after the first daffodils are blooming and sometimes even into July. They have to put the snow somewhere, right? Did you know this is a real thing – Snow Melting and Snow Moving Services to avoid huge piles that take up space and cause vibility issues?

If you have snow pile accumulation issues at your commercial business, we encourage you to look into snow melting or snow moving services to avoid the muddy ski slopes that slowly melt, creating dangerous ice problems, and that prevent your customers from seeing well when driving through your parking lot.

Consider a commercial snow removal company that does more than just push your snow around.

If your business is in Illinois or the Chicago area, Brancato Snow and Ice Management can help. We understand that in the Windy City, snow usually comes and hangs around for a few months. To prevent snow from piling up around your light poles, making your parking less attractive, less available and potentially more dangerous or open to lawsuits, Brancato can actually remove the snow by hauling it to a new location or we can melt snow on the spot with specialized equipment.

That’s right, snow melting services are a real thing!

Snow melting services do more than remove unsightly or dangerous snow piles, they make your property more attractive. While fresh fallen snow is sometimes gorgeous, two-day, two-week or two-month old parking lot snow just looks dirty. It reminds us how long we’ve been cold and it makes spring seem like an eternity away.

Without snow piles, your property is more secure too. During the short days of winter in northern areas like Chicago, parking near a light is a matter of safety for customers, but they can’t do it when the light posts are the center of snow mountain.

With snow moving or melting, your property is also safer for pedestrians. Melting piles of snow often refreeze and usually create black ice in the process, which is a nearly invisible threat to anyone driving or walking across it.

If your business is in Illinois or Chicago, reach out to Brancato or give us a call at 847-965-1160. If you are in other regions of the United States, just Google "Snow Melting" or "Snow Moving" to find a local snow removal professional.