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5 Ideas for What to Do in Chicago During Mild Winter Weather

winter jogger

It’s no secret that we’ve been experiencing bouts of an unseasonably mild winter in Chicago in 2016. While WE love a snowy winter for obvious reasons (as a Chicago Snow removal company), we understand that some of you are rejoicing. But if you enjoy curling up with a good book by the fireplace while the winter storms rage outside, you might be on our side. So we decided to send out a few ideas to help you endure this winter’s mild gaps in the weather… 🙂

5 Ideas for What to Do During Moments of Mild Winter Weather in Chicago:

  1. Get Enough Vitamin D for Once
    Unsurprisingly, those of us living in the Midwest are susceptible to suffering from Vitamin D Deficiency, especially during the winter when the sun generally goes on strike. During this unexpectedly warm and sunny part of the winter, take full advantage and get some extra doses of the Sunshine Vitamin.
  2. Take Up a Sport that Is Not Skiing
    A quick peek at Snow Reports in December affirmed that if you weren’t on the top of a mountain or up in Canada somewhere, you probably were not skiing much during the first half of winter 2016. We suggest taking up a sport that is not skiing. Best case scenario: take up running like Chicago-resident-turned-Don-Juan Ethan Renoe, who recently turned a rainy-day winter run around Lake Michigan into an on-air shout out for a date.
  3. Invest Extra Time in Bug-Proofing Your Home
    Although many insects survive winter by migrating before cold temperatures set in, others hibernate. Once temperatures drop to a certain level, some insects go into hibernation and overwinter in their larvae or pupae forms. Some even hibernate as full-grown adults! If temperatures do not drop significantly, however, these insects might stay awake longer into winter than they generally do. Stink bugs are especially known for seeking out warm, indoor places in which to hibernate. Taking advantage of this extra calm-before-the-storm time in order to bug-proof your home just seems wise.
  4. Catch Up on Details
    Whether it’s getting tax forms ready, organizing personnel files, filing expense reports, updating your website, exploring search engine optimization (SEO) or just trying to stay on top of emails, this lull could be the perfect time to play catch up on details that you’ve been meaning to address. Don’t let it go to waste.
  5. Prepare for MUCH Worse
    Yes, our winter has been unseasonably mild at times so far, but the operative words in this sentence are the words so far. Because the next big storm could be right around the corner, it’s never smart to neglect winter preparedness, either on the individual level or on the commercial level. We trust that you’ve already taken care of your personal plans. Now it’s time to evaluate your commercial snow removal services and make sure they are everything they should be to keep your business open during the inevitable Chicago blizzards that will hit.

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