More Than Chicago Snow Removal – We Travel!

The somewhat mild winter of 2015-2016 came to a definite end for many Americans recently, as the first true blizzard of the season, Storm Jonas, hit the Midwest and East Coast on Jan. 24, 2016, snarling up travel plans and blanketing entire cities in snow. Although the situation was much more dire in cities like Washington, D.C. and New York City, Winter Storm Jonas affected our own Chicago Weather as well, although only on a small scale, with most of the inconvenience travel-related. But that doesn’t mean we weren’t busy…

Because our East-Coast neighbors took the brunt of the storm, we were glad to do our part to support them in their time of need, sending some of our trucks over to Pennsylvania help out. We know that if the situation were reversed, they would do the same for us. That’s just what neighbors do, whether those neighbors be individuals down the block or cities down the interestate.

Here are some stats from CNN to give you an idea just how intense it was:

  • Most areas received about 30-40 inches of snow
  • 14 people’s deaths were blamed on the storm
  • 11 states declared a state of emergency
  • 8,569 flights were canceled
  • Over 74,000 people lost their power

As we continue to navigate the unusual winter of 2015-2016, we here at Brancato Snow & Ice Management will always advocate for early and adequate storm preparation. One of the most important steps is to determine that the areas in and around your business are ensured fast and effective treatment in the event of a storm.

But we also advocate for neighbors helping one another out in times of need. We don’t know what the rest of the winter months will bring, but we do know that we plan to keep ourselves prepared to step in wherever we are needed.

Remember that we service a wide array of counties in the greater Chicago area and throughout Illinois. For more information about contracting with us, send us a message or call (847) 965-1160.