Cloudgate, Chicago

Great Tips for Better Snow Management in Chicago

Cloudgate, Chicago

Cloudgate, Chicago

With Chicago having one of the largest snowfalls every winter, it is important to have an effective way to remove the snow from sidewalks and streets to maintain safety – especially if you are a business owner. It’s easy to get so busy that you overlook the intricacies of proper snow and ice management. However, it is a mandated law that the paths are clear, according to the Municipal Code of the City of Chicago, and it just makes good sense to keep your employees, vendors and customers safe. It is up to municipalities and businesses to take responsibility for keeping the streets of Chicago clean and safe. Here are some helpful tips for easier snow removal in Chicago.

Snow Plow Removal

Many Chicagoans travel to work on foot or through public transportation every winter, and these commuters need clean sidewalks. The city and the Mayor’s Council have begun to recognize outstanding snow removal services to allow its citizens a safe passage to and from the workplace. Using a snow plow is the most efficient way to clear snow from the streets and sidewalks. Using a snow plow not only removes snow the fastest, but it also removes it in the safest way possible. Snow plow companies have certified snow professionals that can remove snow 24/7 and stay on call for emergency services.


Another helpful way to successfully remove snow is by reporting uncleared areas. There are many places throughout the inner city of Chicago as well as the suburbs that become dangerous for walking travelers and drivers as the snowfall increases. Over 23% of auto accidents are weather related according to US Department of Transportation. Often, an uncleared area will be subject to an accident if not removed quickly. The power of communicating to a snow removal service company can be amplified exponentially if everyone works together.


One last helpful trick is to follow a weather update via mobile or computer. There is much to be gained in accident prevention as well as easier snow removal when understanding what the weather might bring. The United States as a whole spends over 560 million hours in weather-related traffic. You can significantly reduce the time spent in traffic by checking weather and traffic updates as well as using alternate routes.

We hope these tips help you a bit when managing snow in Chicago this winter. But if you are a business owner and you’d like to avoid managing snow at all, give us a call at (847) 965-1160 we’ll take care of all the snow related details for you!