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It’s Just Chicago Snow Removal, What Could Go Wrong?

winter jogging chicagoIf you live in Chicago, you are painfully familiar with show-stopping blizzards and massive amounts of snow removal. However, while focusing on the inconveniences of digging out from the winter storm, you may overlook the real dangers that can come with commercial snow and ice removal if not done correctly. Let’s look at a few things that could go wrong during the snow removal process, and how to prevent negative outcomes.

Damage to your property during snow plowing

Although it’s incredibly unlikely that a legitimate snow removal company would allow any harm to come to your property, and it’s even less likely that the damage would be so expensive that the company couldn’t pay for it out-of-pocket, it’s impossible to ever be absolutely sure. Snow removal is a complicated process, and there are numerous ways that even the most careful operators can make a mistake… insufficient salting, high snow piles causing obstructions in view, or clipping something in the parking lot. Always make sure that your snow removal company has the proper paperwork and insurance to rectify any problems that may occur.

Employee injury from sidewalk ice

Under Illinois law, if someone gets injured on your commercial property, it’s usually your responsibility to take care of them, especially financially. In the best case scenario, your insurance company will be upset with you, but in the worst case, your insurance simply won’t cover it, and you might be forced to pay for medical injuries out-of-pocket. Luckily, you can protect yourself against this. Make sure that your snow removal company is insured and bonded. This will also protect you, just in case the company doesn’t complete a job as agreed.

Lost work time and resources

Your company needs to operate efficiently to be able to make money. Every day that you have to close because of snow means money lost. There are always brave Chicagoans on the roads no matter how severe the storm. Minimize your chances of having to close shop by making sure the snow around your property is removed as efficiently and as promptly as possible. The key to this is to check references and the Better Business Bureau and make sure your snow removal company is reliable. Before you make a decision, ask around and see if the company you’re considering is known for completing the work promised, when they promised they would.

About all, it’s important to make sure that your snow removal company is insured, bonded, and reliable.  If you’re looking for a reliable snow removal contractor, or thinking about making a change, contact us.