Why Brancato Snow Removal Offers Chicago Detailed Invoices


Have you ever had the experience of signing up for a service or ordering a product and then turning around to realize that what you wound up getting wasn’t what you agreed to pay for? It’s important to make sure your snow removal contract matches your invoices. Although American law makes it possible for customers to dispute services through the Bureau of Consumer Protection, the process can often be long, drawn-out, frustrating, and time-consuming for the consumer.

One way that Brancato helps to avoid this hassle is to provide all of our customers with detailed invoices.

With detailed invoices for our Chicago snow removal clients, they can see 1) exactly what services were provided, 2) exactly how much each service costs, and 3) when such services were provided. Armed with this information, customers can then compare services rendered against the snow removal contract that they signed, checking to see if it all adds up.

According to Expense to Profit, an expense-reduction consulting firm, checking detailed invoices is a critical step toward your business’s success. The firm suggests that in order to check invoices properly, you must start under the assumption that all invoices could possibly be wrong. They further advise that you not overlook small matters, that you track invoices back to their original agreements, and that you take seriously instances of being undercharged as well as overcharged. Although it might be tempting to allow companies to undercharge you, both overcharging and undercharging reveal a troubling flaw in the company’s invoicing system and should therefore be brought to their attention so that it can be addressed immediately.

Here at Brancato Snow andIce Management, we always offer our clients detailed invoices. Not only do we want to be very clear about charges for services rendered, but we also want to make your job easier. Getting through winter is enough of a challenge without having to spend part of it disputing with your snow removal or ice removal company over services. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We look forward to serving you!