ADA Compliant Snow Removal - Man in Wheelchair

How to Have ADA Compliant Snow Removal in Chicago

ADA Compliant Snow Removal - Man in Wheelchair

When considering snow removal in Chicago this coming winter, it is important to take into account all people, under all conditions. Your snow removal service should follow proper guidelines set out by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to accommodate everyone in making parking lots, sidewalks, pathways and doorways, easily accessible.

ADA Compliance in Snow Removal

The City of Chicago maintains an Accessibility Compliance Unit, which works to ensure accessibility to people with all types of disabilities, all year-round.

Considerations during winter weather are outlined in the Effective Snow Removal for Pathways and Transit Stops report by the ADA. It doesn’t end with snow. Taking care of ice and in a way that is not harmful for individuals, is just as important.

How to be ADA Compliant in Winter

Snow and ice can affect surface indicators for the visually impaired, making them hard to follow. For those in a wheelchair, ice and ice preventative measures, such as salt, can cause injury to the hands and/or rust to chair wheels.

There should also be a clear path from drop off locations to businesses for people who are dependent upon public transportation. Many of those with disabilities have service dogs to assist in a variety of their needs. Consideration should be given for the health and wellbeing of these animals, as well.

Your snow removal service should work closely with the City of Chicago’s crew to have continuous, easy accessibility from city-owned property to privately owned for a smooth path for all residents, whether in the car or on foot.

With a lot of snow, there is an urgency to clear as much as possible, quickly. But care must be given to make businesses accessible for everyone. If your business is located in Chicago, contact Brancanto Snow & Ice Management for a free quote. We will use all of our resources to clear handicap parking, ramps, sidewalks, access aisles and entryways for an easy path from parking, or drop-off locations to the door of the building. We strive for your business to be ADA compliant for snow removal in Chicago.