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Snow Removal Chicago IL: How to Hire the Best Chicago Snow Plow Services

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Chicago winters are, to put it lightly, demanding. Horrific levels of snowfall that seem once-in-a-lifetime are really more like a recurring nightmare revisited again and again, making snow removal in Chicago a challenge. Northeast Illinois snowstorms always seem to put in that extra bit of effort, as if intentionally testing how hardy Chicagoland commuters truly are. So if you own a business, it’s vital to not skimp on snow plow services. Follow this guide to learn how to hire the best Chicago snow removal services!

Commercial Snow Removal Chicago IL

For Will and Cook county businesses, the transit blockages, logistics concerns, even the simple limiting of parking and foot traffic after main roads are already cleared, all carry loss potential. And that’s without getting into the more abstract worries of intense, icy winters, like accidental injuries.

These concerns are especially crucial for Chicago-area commercial areas, due to a simple quirk of statistics: Chicago snows often last well into spring, so the likelihood of snowfall interfering with your business in some way is higher here than even other parts of Illinois.

With the autumn calendar quickly running out, it’s a great time for Chicagoland businesses to give some thought to how to handle the oncoming deluge. To help you sort through the available local services, here are some key questions you’ll need answered to make sure you know what to look for in a good snow removal company, and keep your business running smoothly for you, your employees, and your clients throughout the long winter (and spring!) months.

Does the Snow Plow Company Have the Right Equipment For ANY Job?

The average monthly snowfall in Chicago is relatively high, but nowhere near the isolated massive storms that pummel the area once or twice a year. So yes, a simple pickup truck with a custom plow and a bit of rock salt will easily handle most of the snowfall your business will endure.

The key word here is most. It takes new residents a single winter to quickly realize that when the “big one” starts, the concept of averages goes out the window. You need a snow removal service prepared to deal with the worst days of the year, as well as the more straightforward ongoing management of snowfalls that those outside of Chicago are more familiar with.

You’ll need a snow removal company that has:

  • Heavy-duty trucks capable of quickly moving massive quantities of snow, and hauling, removing, or relocating it.
  • Skid-steers and end-loaders with attachments to organize snow piles and break up ice formations.
  • ATVs to allow high mobility for on-foot teams during the toughest weather.
  • Sidewalk crews with high-end de-icing materials to micromanage snow and ice wherever foot traffic occurs, mitigating the risk of accidents.
  • Business spaces need more than a quick snow plow job, in order to maintain the highest levels of safety and logistical usefulness.

You’ll need a team with several specialized skill sets to properly address these multifaceted needs.

Is their communications infrastructure up to modern standards?

The basics of snow removal are an old-school kind of business: heavy-duty equipment moving massive quantities of snow, breaking ice, and melting it with simple products like rock salt.

Chicago blizzards call for more, especially when serving a commercial property that needs timely, competent, complete service to avoid losses and prevent accidents.

Look for a Chicago snow removal service that provides:

  • Weather alerts, pushed to customers before, during, and after storms.
  • Time-and-date reports of services provided, sent quickly. This is especially key for ensuring your business had snow removal services rendered when you are personally off-site.
  • Radio dispatches between snow removal team members, ensuring a detail-oriented, organized approach to snow removal.

When Are Removal Services Available?

Residential customers have flexibility that commercial properties simply don’t. Snowfall doesn’t wait for the sun to rise, and neither does the business day.

Businesses need parking areas cleared as soon as possible. Sidewalks need to meet high safety standards. For many businesses to maintain proper operation, these things are not optional.

So keep an eye out for Chicago snow removal companies that provide:

  • Full 24/7 service, capable of reacting to sudden heavy snowfall at any time.
  • Team members that specialize in commercial snow removal, with the ability to quickly design a removal plan for any commercial setting with minimal disruption.
  • Emergency snow removal teams on standby at all times, in addition to the team members with scheduled work.
  • Snow removal companies without these features may provide a decent level of service during their active hours, but their downtime quickly becomes your business’ downtime.

Are They Capable of Completely Removing Snow and Ice From My Business Property?

Not every space can handle the common snow management practice of moving large quantities of snow into distinct piles in spaces outside of regular vehicle and foot traffic. And even spaces that can function normally this way for much of the winter might not cope once blizzard-level storms arrive.

So look for snow removal companies capable of:

  • Transporting snow to an off-site location, leaving your business safe and clear from the potential of snow drifts and parking obstructions caused by large snow piles.
  • Melting massive quantities of snow and ice with snow melting machines. A little rock salt won’t have much of an impact on a monolithic snow pile; it takes specialized equipment and expertise to erase the kinds of bulk quantities the Chicagoland area endures.

Which Chicago Snow Removal Company is the Best Fit for My Business?

Brancato Snow Removal provides every single aspect of high-quality snow removal service mentioned above, and more. Our experienced team members will analyze the needs of your commercial space and develop a unique plan of service based on the data they gather.

To find out more about what the best snow removal company in the Chicago area can do for your commercial space, contact us today!