Melting Snow or Snow Relocation After a Chicago Storm

If you have lived or worked in the Chicago area for a long time, no doubt you are familiar with the huge winter storms that periodically paralyze traffic and close schools. Rather than losing parking lot space to snow piles or having them cause dangerous visibility issues, a proactive approach is to use snow melting or snow relocation after a Chicago storm.

See our snow removal equipment in action here!

The most recent immobilizing snowstorm occurred in February 2011 during the infamous Groundhog Day Blizzard when 21.2 inches of snow fell in Chicagoland – the third largest storm total in Chicago history. Afterwards businesses had to contend with huge mounds of snow in their parking lots, often towering 20+ feet high.

In areas where snow wasn’t piled so high, parking spaces ended up comprised, with customers unable to park close to their destination, causing them to trudge across treacherous sidewalks or even prompting them to return home. Although most Chicago area snowfalls won’t result in such amounts, accumulation over an entire winter can prove detrimental to your business.

Instead of enduring those ugly mounds of dirty snow that won’t melt until sometime in April, consider snow hauling, removal, relocating, or even snow melting services that will leave your property safe and looking good during the long Midwest winter.

Let’s face it, snow can produce many hazards beyond the initial event. Instead of simply pushing snow and ice to the side, let Brancato Snow & Ice Management haul it away or even melting it on the spot. Your property will look better, plus your employees and customers will remain safer when the weather is below freezing or even when snow starts melting and produces unsightly slush and dangerous standing water. Contact us today for a quote and for more information on how your commercial property can remain looking good throughout the winter.