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The Importance of Snow Removal In Buffalo NY

In 2014, snow removal in Buffalo NY jumped to a new level!

Buffalo, New York is no stranger to snowstorms, with an average of over 90 inches of snowfall each winter. But in November 2014, the city experienced one of the worst snowstorms in its history, with over seven feet of snow falling in just a few days. The storm caused widespread power outages, transportation disruptions, and even several deaths. In the aftermath of the storm, snow removal in Buffalo, NY became a critical issue, with residents and businesses struggling to clear the massive amounts of snow that had accumulated.

If you’re looking for information about snow removal in Buffalo, NY, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the 2014 snowstorm, the impact it had on the city, and the challenges of snow removal in Buffalo, NY. We’ll also provide a recommendation for how to best handle snow removal in Buffalo, NY, especially in the wake of a major snowstorm.

The Worst Snowstorm in Buffalo, NY History

In November 2014, a massive snowstorm hit Buffalo, NY, dumping more than seven feet of snow on the city and surrounding areas in just a matter of days. The storm was intensified by a phenomenon known as “lake-effect snow,” which occurs when cold air passes over the relatively warmer waters of the Great Lakes, causing the moisture in the air to condense and fall as snow. It snowed so much for so long that it came to be known as “Snovember”.

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The initial storm traveled from Oregon to New York, coming ashore on November 13, 2014. It moved first southeast before turning toward the Great Lakes. It was a significant snowmaker, dumping the white stuff across the United States. When it finally reached the Great Lakes it had already caused a lot of disruption. As it moved over the lakes its real potential was unleashed.

From November 15th through November 21st, the storm produced up to 88 inches (over seven feet) of snow. It snowed almost continually over that period of time. The effect was so powerful that when another low-pressure system moved through on November 19-20 it only briefly interrupted the lake-effect snow. Once the other storm had passed on, the snow band reasserted itself for another day and a half.

The Aftermath of the Storm

The storm caused widespread chaos and disruption. Highways and roads closed, Schools and businesses were shut down. Thousands of people were left without power. Emergency services were stretched to their limits. Some residents had to be rescued from their homes by boat or snowmobile. Roofs throughout the region creaked and some gave way under the weight.

One of the most critical issues in the aftermath of the storm was snow removal. With so much snow on the ground, it was nearly impossible for residents and businesses to clear their driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots. This made it difficult for emergency services to reach people in need and for essential services like grocery stores and hospitals to stay open. There was so much that snow from this storm was still on the ground eight months later.

Challenges of Snow Removal in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY is quite familiar with snow, but a storm like the one in 2014 presented unique challenges for snow removal. One of the biggest issues was simply the sheer amount of snow that had to be cleared. With over seven feet of snow on the ground, even the most powerful snowplows and snowblowers were struggling to keep up.

Another issue was the logistics of snow removal. Snow has to be cleared from not just roads and highways but also from sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots. This requires a lot of manpower and resources, which can be difficult to come by in the wake of a major snowstorm.

Additionally, the cold weather and icy conditions made it challenging for snow removal crews to work safely and efficiently. In some cases, equipment had to be modified or replaced to deal with the extreme conditions.

The Best Option for Snow Removal in Buffalo, NY

If you live in Buffalo, NY, or any other area that experiences heavy snowfall, it’s essential to have a plan for snow removal. But if you are a business owner in Buffalo, it is even more imperative that you have a plan! The best plan for any business is to hire a contractor that has the right tools, the right expertise, and the right manpower to get you opened back up as soon as possible.

Some Things To Consider

Here are some of the many benefits you will get from hiring Brancato for your snow removal in Buffalo NY:


To be successful in any business you want to make sure you have the right equipment to handle the job. The sheer amount of snow we receive in Buffalo makes that all the more important! We have been in the business for a long time. That experience has taught us what equipment to invest in. This isn’t guesswork for us! Our crew will arrive at your business with exactly what we need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


It’s easier to clear a few inches of snow at a time than to wait until it’s piled up several feet high. Our crews keep track of the weather and our customer’s needs to make sure you get cleared and stay that way!


Snow removal can be dangerous, especially if you’re working in icy conditions. Our crews are well-trained and experienced. They know the latest injury prevention information and will ensure your property is cleared safely and conscientiously.


At Brancato, we know that the secret to a good defense is a good offense. We map out your property, marking hazards and curbs ahead of time. Then we create a plan your snow removal, long before the first flakes begin to fall. We also make sure that our equipment is deployed ahead of a snowstorm. Additionally, we make certain that the supplies and resources for our crews are within easy reach.


The middle of a snowstorm is not the time to deal with a rude, sloppy, or unreliable contractor. In times like that, you need someone who will get the job done with courtesy and efficiency. Our staff will treat you, your employees, and your customers professionally and with integrity.

What’s Your Plan for Snow Removal

The 2014 snowstorm in Buffalo, NY was one of the worst in the city’s history. It caused widespread disruption and made snow removal a critical issue. The challenges of snow removal in Buffalo, NY include the sheer amount of snow that needs to be cleared, the logistics of clearing snow from multiple areas, and the difficult working conditions caused by the cold and ice.

When facing your options for commercial snow removal in Buffalo, it is important to have a plan in place before the snow comes. Your best option for your business is to contract with Brancato. Allow our professional and experienced crew to handle your snow removal needs in a timely and planned fashion.

Call us today for a free consultation and service quote. We will walk you through your options and answer all of your questions.

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