What’s the Difference Between Snow Plowing and Snow and Ice Management?


Snow Melter

A snow plower is simply defined: one who plows snow. This could be the neighbor down the street with a blade attached to his pickup; it usually is the one snow plow in a town of 5,000 souls that clears the main emergency routes. The snow plow itself consists of a truck with a blade that will scrape and push the snow off of the roadway, leaving huge piles of snow down the middle of streets, or on the sides of the roads, or – in some cases – blocking driveways. The snow plower’s primary job is to clear the road for emergency travel but he doesn’t remove the snow. The packed roadway left by the plow can quickly turn to ice, which the snow plower’s blade does little to remove.

Yet snow plowing is the response most cities have to snow storms, due to staggering costs of snow and ice removal, counting labor, equipment, and time/snow response. In 2014-2015, the city of Chicago was $4.5 million over budget on snow removal costs (according to Fox 32 Chicago).

A full service snow and ice management company, in comparison, is proactive and pre-emptive and will focus on the needs of the client. They will apply ice repellents and de-icers on city streets to prevent ice. They not only clear snow from the roads, they remove the piles of snow, preventing hard-pack and slow removal later on. If you are an individual hiring a full service company you can expect early service and your driveway cleared and de-iced, whereas you could wait for days for the city plow to find your street and potentially block your car and driveway.

If you are a business owner, you can count on 24/7 service from a full service company, that will remove the snow and ice from your parking lot in time for you to start doing business for the day. Chicago, IL averages over 35 inches of snowfall a year. Businesses in this city need full service snow and ice removal to keep their doors open in the winter.

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